007: The World Is Not Enough


When the 007 license changed hands in 1999, few expected EA’s debut effort on the Nintendo 64 would topple GoldenEye 007. After Tomorrow Never Dies for the PlayStation was released to lukewarm critical reception, EA knew they’d need to return to the basics if they wanted to knock GoldenEye off the mantle. And apparently, they learned their lesson. 007: The World Is Not Enough does borrow heavily from its predecessor, and even improves upon it in several ways.

The engine has been rebuilt from the ground up and now features a larger selection of weapons and items. Some weapons and gadgets have more than one fire mode, increasing the utility of Bond’s inventory by a significant margin. The campaign still consists of objective-based missions, and each successive difficulty level stacks on additional challenges for you to complete. The missions are generally good, but some of them lack depth, and others try for too much depth, like a poorly implemented underwater stage. To save your progress, you’ll need a Controller Pak, but I can’t help thinking a battery save option would’ve been more convenient. The graphics engine has been improved and puts the Expansion Pak to good use. Even on “High Color” mode, the controls feel responsive and framerate stays consistent. No comparison to GoldenEye would be complete without some reference to the multiplayer. It makes a nice return in TWINE with a few added modes, such as Capture the Briefcase, and the ability to add bots into the game. The multiplayer is good as a whole, but it doesn’t quite have the speed of its predecessor. Other than that, I can’t find many negative things to say about TWINE. I feel it’s been condemned to obscurity simply because it’s not GoldenEye, but as a standalone game, it’s worth a playthrough.

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