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Much like Super Road Blaster, Classic Kong’s another homebrew port of an arcade game brought to the Super Nintendo. This one, however, is much simpler but much more beloved - Nintendo’s arcade classic Donkey Kong.

If you’ve played the original game then you’ll figure out this particular port in no time. If you’ve been living under a rock without any electricity for the past 20 years you play as Mario, AKA Jumpman. An angry gorilla, you may or may not have abused, has kidnapped your girlfriend Pauline and taken her to a dangerous construction site. With your incredible jumping prowess it’s up to you to avoid the obstacles sent towards you and travel 100 meters to the top. Unlike the Game Boy version, which was pretty much an entirely new game, this port is pretty much a recreation of the original arcade game. Not that that’s a bad thing of course, seeing how popular the original arcade game was and still is. But if you’re hoping to see Mario effortlessly back flip his way straight to Donkey Kong then you’re out of luck. They’ve even managed to fit every feature of the arcade game in there, including the cut scenes. They even managed to get the concrete factory in there. Yes it’s a concrete factory and not a pie factory, that sound you heard was your mind blowing! It’s not an entire recreation though because the graphics and sounds have been updated to make more use of the SNES hardware. The new graphics look nice, even if the music sounds a little tinny. Still, it’s a great update of the original arcade game if you are wanting to try something a little more traditional, compared to Nintendo’s interpretation.

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