Chrono Trigger


One of the most eagerly awaited games of 1995, Chrono Trigger delivered on every possible level. An RPG that took a different approach from the usual random battle/turn based style, Chrono Trigger was a breath of fresh air and still is today.

An all-star team put the game together and it really shows. You play Crono, a young man inadvertently sucked back in time which sets of a series of events that change the world. You must travel back and forth through time across six time zones to find and defeat the main antagonist of the game. The game eliminates random battles by placing enemies in the field. Many can be avoided but some are certainly set-up to attack. The fights themselves are played out on the same screen with no transition, which is a lovely thing. Combat is turn based but characters are not just stood in a line and it feels more natural as a result. The battle system is very well designed with magic and abilities being character exclusive, which makes party choice important. You also have double and triple character attacks, which are not only powerful, but look amazing too. The plot is really very good. Characters are charming and interesting, each with their own fleshed out back story. Enemies are believable and suitably dramatic without being cheesy. The game also features multiple endings which was rather less common in 1995. Graphically the game is what you expect, stunning, with some beautiful locations and brilliant battle animations. The music is even better, the first major score from Yasunori Mitsuda and he didn’t fail to deliver. Chrono Trigger is a masterpiece of RPG design. It has so much content and so many clever features, no wonder it is still regarded as one of the best of the genre, get it now!

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