Christmas Craze


Probably the most interesting thing about this particular homebrew is the custom cartridge you can play it in. While these cartridges are sadly no longer sold on the Retrozone website, if you find one, it might still be one that comes with built-in Christmas lights.

These lights actually blink depending on what’s happening in the game, which is a very nice touch. During the time when you could buy the game you could also get a custom message put in the cartridge and the game itself, if you want a more personalised touch. The actual game itself is a pretty simple platformer with a holiday theme to it. Aliens have stolen Christmas presents all over the world, because they’re evil or something. As a small boy, with nothing but snow to defend himself, you take up the task of collecting all the presents, while avoiding the UFOs. Every level is made up of a single screen with platforms to jump on, presents to collect and UFOs to avoid. The screen wraps around, which is something you’ll need to keep in mind to reach certain places. Touching a UFO will take away one of your three lives but crouching will let you make a snowball, which stuns UFOs for a few seconds. That’s more or less it and while it’s not the most complex of games it’s reasonably fun, if not that much of a challenge. The graphics look nice and there’s a nice wintery song that plays through the game. If you are wanting a good Christmas-themed platformer on the SNES then you could do a lot worse than this, especially when you put it up against Daze Before Christmas.

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