Caravan Shooting Collection


No this isn’t a driving game that lets you shoot pesky caravan users off the road, it’s a compilation by Hewson who used to run NES high score shooting game road-show competitions in the Japan.

It is in fact a format that gave its name to the caravan shooter – usually meaning a 2 min or 5 min score attack mode. You get 3 games in this compilation: Star Force, Star Soldier and Hector ’87. They are all basic (though compulsive) old-school space shoot-em-ups for 1 player only. Oddly only Hector ’87 actually has a caravan mode, so I’m not sure why the compilation is named as it is. The graphics have been largely untouched, they still look like NES games but any issues with flicker or slowdown are gone. They feel really solid and the sounds have been beefed up a little too, though not too much so as to sound weird and they are still in keeping with the look. It’s a big pity there is no cartridge backup for high scores, this kind of spoils things as these games are all about high scores. So overall this one is for collectors only I would say. A nice package and, while the games play better than the originals, you can probably get those for next to nothing.

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