Battletoads In Battlemaniacs


Excellent sequel to the NES original, a humorous multi-style platform game that was just a bit too tough to be enjoyable for many. This version has less levels and the difficulty is toned down a bit but this is still a challenge.

The graphics are nice and big and colourful. There is lots of humour in this game and it is enshrined in the character graphics, which have lots of little quirks and fun animations to spot. This is quite a varied game which starts off as a traditional scrolling fighter – but you soon get to experience fast paced bike levels, vertically scrolling levels, and puzzle based maze levels etc so it’s interesting enough to keep you playing. The two-player mode is a hoot, and you can toggle collisions between player one and player two. But if you are serious about getting past level 1 or 2 you really need to set the toggle to off, as it’s too easy to “accidentally” hit someone which will result in quick revenge, meaning you won’t progress very far. It features a cheesy rock style soundtrack and great crunching fighting sounds. Overall, while this is a really tough game, the humour means you will have a great time even if you aren’t doing well. It has aged pretty well indeed and is definitely recommended.

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