Batman Returns


Based directly on the movie of the same name, Batman Returns from Konami is a great scrolling fighter for the SNES, you play as Batman and battle through multiple scenes from the movie in a bid to bring down the Penguin and peace to Gotham.

The main crux of the game is a Final Fight style scrolling fighter. You have a good variety of moves at your disposal including standard combos, jump attacks, spin attack, test tube smart bomb and some awesome grappling moves. When grappling you can attack and enemies or throw them into the background. This can damage the windows or lamp posts which is very amusing and a nice touch. You can also grapple two enemies and smash their heads together. There are also more platform based levels that require good use of the Batterang to progress. There is also an into the screen driving level which is mildly amusing and creates a little variety. The game is one player only, which is a bit of a blow. Overall in the world it is only Batman against the enemies but a two-player option would have been cool. Visuals are stunning with huge sprites with decent animation and backgrounds. Audio is based on the Danny Elfman themes of the movie and the game simply sounds incredible. Batman does play really well. Combat is satisfying with meaty punches and kicks. Batman moves at a good pace and enemies are constantly interesting. Boss fights are memorable, the first even using the brilliant hook shot into the wall to pull the wall out from behind the boss, like the scene from the movie. The major issue like many scrolling fighters is that is does become rather repetitive and the lack of a two-player option is a shame.

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