Arkanoid - Doh it Again


This one got a pretty late release in the Super Nintendo’s life so not many people got to try this, which is a pity. It isn’t an Earth-shattering experience, but it’s a solid version of the famous bat and ball game and it supports the SNES mouse controller, which gives you far better control.

The standard controller works too and the options let you adjust the sensitivity but the mouse is preferred. There are loads of levels to play and it gets pretty tough pretty soon so it will last a good while. It has the usual Arkanoid play features such as power up capsules, little enemies that move around the levels, you also encounter a boss fight every 10 or so levels and that keeps the interest up. It also has some nice 2 player options; you can play alternating, simultaneously or in a novel split-screen battle mode. Sadly there is no battery backup and, though it uses passwords to save your progress, this really hurts the included level editor and makes you wonder why they bothered with that feature without adding battery backup, a real shame. The graphics are nice even though once in a while the background effects can make things hard to see. It sounds ok but the gameplay is the main attraction here.

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