A pretty interesting game, the aim of the Actraiser is to play the role of a God and let civilisation flourish. You do this by listening to people’s wishes (sometimes directing them where to build), performing miracles and getting rid of all sorts of creatures.

Actraiser is really two genres in one. In simulation mode you fly around the land expanding the reach of civilisation, it plays like a more action-oriented version of Sim City. While in action mode you traverse platform-based levels in a traditional 2D hack and slash fashion disposing of enemies and defeating bosses. All aspects of this game are above average – the graphics are simple (this is an early release) yet clear and effective. The sounds provide plenty of atmosphere and the controls are spot on. While each part of the game isn’t really anything special (especially nowadays) it is really a case of something being more than a sum of its parts. There is lots to do and it provides a good-sized challenge and your progress is saved to battery backup. There is an option to just play the action scenes, but this really isn’t recommended as played on their own and out of context they really only amount to standard 2D scrolling fighting levels. The game really needs to be experienced in full as the two different sections affect each other (e.g. higher populations give you a larger health bar in the action scenes). An excellent and original game overall, which is one of the best in the SNES’ vast library.

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