Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers


Based on the Disney cartoon series, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers stars two chipmunks on a mission to rescue their partner Gadget from crime boss Fat Cat. Just as the Rescue Rangers work together as a team, you’ll have the opportunity to enlist a friend in your quest to foil Fat Cat’s evil scheme: the game features two-player co-operative gameplay where player one controls the straitlaced Chip and player two controls easygoing Dale.

The game can be enjoyed in single-player mode, too, but co-op is really where this game shines as you and your partner will need to rely on each other to get through the levels. Chip and Dale are a little undersized in comparison to some of the enemies you’ll encounter, but you can even the odds by throwing acorns, boxes, and other objects to knock out Fat Cat’s goons. You can even hide beneath a box by pressing down while holding it; it’s a good way to shake groups of enemies off your tail. There are eleven stages in total and you can choose the order in which you complete them or even skip a few, though all roads lead to the same inevitable conclusion. The level design is colorful and charming; there’s an unexplainable joy in scampering across fences and faucets that appear enormous to the chipmunk duo. The environments and character models are well detailed, but the game could use some more variety in the boss battles. Whether you’re facing a giant robot or Fat Cat, every battle boils down to the same basic sequence: you dodge projectiles, pick up a big red ball, and hurl it at your opponent until you win. Despite occasionally being repetitive, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers is a great co-op platformer that has plenty of that unmistakable Disney charm.

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