Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest


Dracula is dead, but an evil curse hangs over Transylvania and Simon Belmont must retrace his steps and resurrect the count to seal it. Complicating matters is the fact that Dracula’s body parts are scattered across the land, so Simon’s mission is actually more of an adventure: he must speak with townspeople, barter with merchants, and uncover clues to seal Dracula’s curse and bring an end to the nightmare.

Unfortunately, many of the clues are dressed in evasive language and are altogether not very helpful, so this is a game that requires a player’s guide. Your journey will take you through swamps, forests, and castles, where you will fight an assortment of monsters and bosses en route to Dracula’s dread abode. Unlike its predecessor, Castlevania II tries to minimize the monster movie clichés and instead frames a unique narrative for the first time in a Castlevania game. All of the additions to plot and gameplay extend the length of the adventure, but some obscure puzzles, repetitive castle design, tedious backtracking, and uninspired boss battles will make this game feel longer than it really is. On the plus side, the core gameplay remains consistent: you still jump and whip your way through Transylvania, collecting power-ups and weapons. Your equipment options have been expanded, and the new inventory system has some interesting applications. Better yet, Konami has taken an already spectacular soundtrack and improved it with some iconic tunes like “Bloody Tears.” Castlevania II is a respectable follow-up to Castlevania, but you can’t help wondering if Konami made the wrong decision by changing the formula so radically. Some more attention to detail on the level design, dialogue, and puzzles would have helped this game immensely, but it’s still a solid entry in the series and worth a playthrough.

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