Blaster Master


With so many great action-platforming games on the NES, it can be difficult to pick out the ones that are truly special from the ones that merely imitate what has already proven to be successful. After all, when a formula works, no one’s rushing to change it.

Sunsoft’s Blaster Master, on the other hand, offers an interesting twist on the genre and it all starts with the oddball introduction: your pet frog has escaped from its tank and touched a radioactive box outside, after which it transformed into a gigantic mutant toad and fell down a sinkhole, prompting you to give chase. At the bottom of this hole, you find an all-terrain vehicle and a futuristic bodysuit, so you get into both and embark on your quest to find your amphibian amigo. It’s ridiculous, of course, but the plot isn’t what is important, and luckily, Blaster Master is good where it counts. You control a turreted vehicle for most of the game, navigating a series of side-scrolling levels, acquiring gun upgrades, and shooting everything in your way. A nice touch is that your cannon can tilt upwards to take out aerial targets, so you have more control than you may be accustomed to in other games. Each stage presents a linear path to the end, but the paths are not always immediately evident, and there are times when you must leave your vehicle and venture out on foot to explore side areas. At this point, the game switches to overhead perspective and becomes more of a shooter. It may seem like a lot to balance at once, but Sunsoft has managed to merge it all together nicely. The story mode is surprisingly long—a password function would’ve been nice—so you’re sure to get much enjoyment out of Blaster Master.

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