Blade Buster


Some time during the 80’s Hudson Soft, along with a few other companies known for their SHMUPS, would host a completion called the “Summer Caravan”. Basically, these were contests where players would play either two or five minutes into a SHMUP and the player with the highest score would be the winner.

The Summer Caravan event ended a long time ago but this game is basically a huge tribute to them. From the start you get the option of playing either a two-minute or five minute game. Then you’re speeding through the stage with waves of enemies rushing towards you, sometimes letting off a few bullets towards you. What you’re trying to do is get as many points as you can before you run out of lives, run out of time or clear the stage, whichever comes first. You get points by destroying enemies, blowing up the scenery and collecting diamonds and there are a few things you can do for major point bonuses. There’s also plenty of weapon power-ups you can collect by destroying certain containers and you’ll need as many as you can get. While there’s not as many bullets as you’d see in a more modern bullet hell shooter it can be difficult to avoid everything the game throws at you. The good news is most hits won’t kill you instantly, instead they’ll just downgrade your current weapon power. Take a hit when you’re using a single shot however and you’ll lose a ship. You’ll also run across a couple of bosses on your way to the finish, which can sap a lot of your time if you can’t kill them quick. If you’re up for a quick burst of action then Blade Buster’s a very polished product with some fantastic sounds and visuals and it’s pretty much made for any fan of the genre. Don’t expect a lot of replay value however, unless you want to keep improving your score.

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