Bionic Commando


Bionic Commando puts you in the combat boots of Ladd Spencer, a special ops soldier on a mission to rescue Super Joe. You’re the only man on the field, but you’re armed with a bazooka and a grappling hook, and there’s no one better than Spencer to get the drop on the enemy.

Gameplay is equal parts brute force and agility: you have your gun to eliminate hostiles in a head-on fight, but you can avoid a skirmish by using the grappling hook to scamper up buildings. This is your primary method of platforming, too, as there is no jump button. It’s an uncommon twist for an action-platformer, but the grappling ability lends a unique feel to Bionic Commando and makes it stand out from every other platformer of its time. The mechanics are well designed, and it’s not too difficult to get used to swinging across gaps instead of leaping over them. Levels are selected on the map screen, giving you the freedom to visit each stage in the order of your choosing. Some levels require key items that you can pick up only in earlier stages, however, so the game progression isn’t entirely nonlinear. Occasionally, you may run into an enemy convoy while transitioning from one location on the map to another. At this point, the gameplay switches from side-scrolling action-platforming to overhead shoot-‘em-up and you simply gun down enemies until you reach the end. As you work through the levels, you’ll uncover the mystery of Project Albatros, the Empire’s plot to construct a superweapon and resurrect ruthless commander Master-D, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain historic German dictator. Bionic Commando offers an experience that no other platformer can match. With responsive gameplay, excellent presentation, and a unique concept, it’s a must-have for all NES collectors.

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