The Battletoads Rash and Zitz are called into action when the Dark Queen kidnaps their partner Pimple and the Princess Angelica. Judging by the name of the heroes, Battletoads is not a game that takes itself seriously, but don’t let down your guard for one minute: as lighthearted as the plot and characters are, this game will punish your every mistake and leave you feeling crushed and despondent.

Battletoads is the side-scrolling beat-‘em-up that is legendary for its unforgiving difficulty, but it’d be a shame if you were to walk away without hearing the rest! It also happens to be one hell of a smooth game from the capable programmers at Rare, who have given us this gem on the NES for which we owe them our deepest gratitude and consternation. Battletoads accommodates up to two simultaneous players in a co-op campaign designed to bring teamwork to the forefront. Sure, you can rush forward without your partner and knock some heads, but cooperation really pays off. For instance, you and your friend can damage each other, so it’s advisable to avoid throwing errant punches. The game consists of thirteen levels and there is a good amount of variety among them. The first stage is mostly standard fare beat-‘em-up gameplay, but level two will have you rappelling down a sinkhole, level three will put you in the driver’s seat of a speeder bike, level six has you scampering up giant snakes, and so forth. Rare really pulled no punches with the visuals, either, and there are some incredible graphical effects in Battletoads if you can survive long enough to see them—the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Battletoads is a tough game, but it’s incredibly fun with two players and has plenty of replay value, so it’s highly recommended.

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