Battle Kid: Fortress Of Peril


Battle Kid’s probably one of the highest quality NES homebrews you’re likely to find. It’s not the most original of games by a long shot, but it mixes up what it takes from its inspirations for a very enjoyable game.

The plot’s your standard NES fare: Some evil people are building a giant mech at a place called The Fortress Of Peril, and young Timmy is sent in with a power suit to go blow them up. The game itself is basically described as a third of Mega Man, a third of Metroid and a third of the infuriatingly difficult freeware game I Wanna Be The Guy. Timmy starts off being able to jump and fire off his arm cannon but, by collecting upgrades scattered throughout the game world, you’ll increase your abilities Metroid style. The power-ups you’ll find include boosting your damage, the ability to breathe underwater and keys that open up locked doors. Timmy himself controls a lot like Mega Man, so if you’ve gotten good at those games you’ll have a head start on playing the game. Unlike Mega Man, however, there’s one major difference: You can only take one hit before you die! On the normal difficulty you have unlimited continues to beat the game with but the continue points where you re-spawn can get pretty spread apart from each other. The game won’t pull any punches considering your handicap either, considering what you have to go through. Can you avoid an entire room full of spikes by floating and weaving carefully through them, knowing a single slip will mean you have to do it again? While avoiding enemies and their shots at the same time? If you answered anything except “Yes”, this game might give you some problems. If you can handle the challenge, however, Battle Kid’s probably one of the most “authentic” NES homebrew games you’re likely to find.

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