Batman: The Video Game


The Dark Knight has had his share of ups and downs on home consoles, but his NES debut was a strong one. To keep in step with Batman’s reputation for agility and combat prowess, Batman: The Video Game appeals to fans of action and platforming games with a mixture of both genres.

You’ll spend the majority of the game fighting through waves of Joker’s henchmen, scampering up walls and platforms with Batman and robbin’ enemies of their power-ups and health packs. You’ll want to keep a steady eye on your weapons energy because even though Batman begins the game with full access to his legendary repertoire of gadgets—including a spear gun and the Batarang—he cannot use them without collecting energy from fallen foes. If you run out of ammunition, you can employ the mighty “Bat fist” to put the hurt on your enemies, and—holy horseshoes, Batman—it’s actually quite effective! When Batman isn’t battering bad guys, he proves to be a competent gymnast with the ability to spring off walls, adding to the intricacy of the platforming segments. If you tumble to your death, the Dark Knight rises again and Batman returns to the nearest checkpoint, meaning that you’re never punished too severely for losing a life. That said, Batman: The Video Game is still a pretty stiff challenge for even the most experienced of gamers. The tight platforming segments are bound to have you burning through lives, but you’ll have a great time doing it. Factor in the detailed character models, colorful environments, cinematic cutscenes taken straight from the movie, and a fantastic soundtrack, and it’s not hard to see why Batman: The Video Game is a winner. Once you give it a try, I think you’ll love this rendition of Batman forever.

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