The creator of Assimilate says he based this particular game off of the earliest NES titles, which tended to be straight ports of arcade games. It makes sense then that Assimilate will probably remind a lot of people of Defender.

Well Defender if it had the exact opposite objective really. See, in Assimilate, you control a UFO by the name of Ossam and it’s up to you to abduct helpless humans, convert them into your alien slaves and drop them back where they came from. Your radar will point to which building contains the human you need to pick up, indicated by the arrow over it. Once you’re hovering over it you activate the tractor beam, wait for the earthling to get collected and then wait for the progress bar to fill up. Once he’s ready just tractor beam him back into the building and you got him, then you’ll earn some points. Careful with the tractor beam however, as turning it off too soon will send your potential slave hurtling towards the pavement costing you some points. You also have to deal with people who don’t take kindly to your abducting with bullets, missiles and aircraft flying across the sky trying to take you down. If you feel daring you can use different tools that will slow down the conversion process, but give you much more points once you deliver a converted human. It’s a pretty simple game but it’s pretty fun, once you get the hang of what you’re doing, and the graphics are pretty detailed for what’s supposed to be a simple arcade style game. If that’s your sort of thing then Assimilation will probably entertain you for a good while.

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