Alter Ego


Alter Ego is actually a port of a puzzle platformer for the ZX Spectrum, which was released some time during 2011. The NES version enhances the graphics and sound to make use of the more powerful NES hardware, but keeps the actual gameplay the same.

At first glance, the game looks a lot like Lode Runner. You’ve got a level made up of a bunch of platforms and ladders, icons to collect and skulls that move in patterns across the screen to avoid. What separates Alter Ego from Lode Runner, however, is your, err, alter ego. Whenever you move the little outline of your character moves in the opposite direction. By hitting the A button you’ll swap places with the outline, letting you reach places you normally wouldn’t be able to reach by yourself. Be careful though because you’re only given a certain number of swaps per level and if you run out you’ll more than likely have to restart and give up one of your lives. The further in you get the harder the challenges become and you’ll have to deal with icons only your outline can collect or platforms that collapse when you move over them. What’s especially rough is that there’s no way to record your progress short of save states so if you run out of lives you have to do it all over again. Still it’s a good looking game with some great music and it looks quite a bit better than the original Spectrum version. If you’re a fan of Lode Runner or puzzle platformers in general, you’ll probably want this.

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