Addams Family


Based on the 1991 movie, The Addams Family is a platformer in which the player controls Gomez Addams as he tries to rescue the other members of the family as well as recollect the family’s fortune. Unfortunately, Tull Alford, the family’s attorney has decided to go bad and has taken control of the mansion while imprisoning the family within it.

The mansion is huge, of course, even having dungeons within which family members may be trapped. Gomez has to explore the house and the surrounding grounds entirely if he is to find and free them. Surprisingly, Thing and Lurch were not kidnapped by Mr. Alford and can help Gomez at times. Thing does have to be unlocked, though so it may provide hints during the game. As Gomez moves about the house, he will face multiple enemies in the shape of monsters, ghosts, skeletons, spiders, and other ghouls. Contact with any of these will take life force away from Gomez but if Gomez jumps on top of them at the right time, he can dispose of them. Timing of the jumps is important not only to kill these enemies but sometimes also to reach some of the treasure within the mansion. Gomez can also find golf balls and other items to throw at his enemies. Addams Family is a good platformer for the NES. The graphics look good and controls work well but collision detection can be unforgiving at times. The classic musical theme plays through the game but it tends to get old after a while. Overall a good title for the system.

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