Rogue Trooper


I generally wasn’t a big fan of isometric 3D games – sure I liked them, but they often were very difficult or time-consuming to get into. Rogue Trooper was isometric but was more in the shooting mould and as such I sunk a fair amount of time into, despite its shallow nature.

Helped by your dead buddies (reduced to chips and therefore just sound bites) Rogue must traverse the poisoned Nu-Earth in search of 8 vid-tapes that will prove his innocence in the disastrous Quartz Zone Massacre. Find the tapes and you can jet back to millicom and get the real traitor. Rogue Trooper was a limited game: once killed, each Nort Soldier would then disappear, eventually leaving a rather empty landscape. And apart from a few pill boxes there were no other enemies, making the game severely lacking in long term addictiveness. Still for a while, it was a blast!

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