River Rescue


Sometimes the simplest games can be the best, and this underrated early effort from Thorn EMI is a good example of this, despite being an obvious clone of River Raid. Unlike that Atari classic, River Rescue is a horizontal scroller and boasts an interesting reward-risk concept. The objective is ostensibly to rescue a series of scientists who are stranded on the north side of the eponymous stretch of water.

Dock at one of the northern berths and one of them hops on. He (or she) can then be deposited onto the next available southern dock. Now here’s the interesting bit: collecting more and more scientists increases your bonus considerably when you drop them off – but get mashed by one of the various obstructions in the river (such as logs, crocodiles and planes that drop mines) and every single one of them is lost. In addition, River Rescue is notable for its fast pace. There are some devilishly designed segments of the river which require considerable agility to negotiate. The boat can fire one bullet at a time, and that split second waiting for that next shot if you miss can often make all the difference between sanctuary and a watery grave for those scientists you’ve hoarded. A playable little gem of a game.

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