Rex was the final ZX Spectrum game from Creative Reality, the developer behind games such as Tarzan, Slaine and Nemesis the Warlock and they made sure it was one of their best. The story concerns the eponymous Rino-sapien, hired by some local residents to take out a bunch of pesky humans who have built a massive environmentally-unfriendly tower on the planet of Zenith.

Rex lands in the caverns outside the tower and must proceed on foot to the tower, taking out all the ‘orrible homo sapiens he encounters en route. Aiding Rex in his task is a formidable arsenal of upgradeable weapons and a useful shield that renders him temporarily invincible. Strategic use of these helps him negotiate some – in all honesty – incredibly tough and frustrating screens. That’s the problem with Rex – it’s not for the casual gamer, and like many platformers, a route needs to be planned in order to preserve those precious lives. Having said that, the graphics are stunning, utilising a method made famous in the Spectrum version of Dan Dare and there’s plenty of shooting to keep action fans happy. Just expect a fair bit of frustration to boot!

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