The homebrew scene of the humble Speccy never fails to amaze me. And thanks to communities like World of Spectrum, the games that wouldn’t normally see the light of day gets released for us fans to play and enjoy. A great title that was released this year is a quirky shoot’em up called Lirus, which was developed by Denis Grachev and Friends. The game was created back in 1998 and this year has undergone some major restoration to add some brand new levels and ideas.

The game is quite a simple concept but very addictive with you piloting a ship which is the last line of defence against a self-replicating virus that is taking over the level. Being an arcade style shooter released on the ZX spectrum the design of the game might appear simple, but the gameplay is awesome. Using blocks to make up the level, the virus and the ship seems to work very well for Lirus and definitely adds a lot of character. There lots of levels for you to navigate and have fun destroying the virus that wants to fill the whole level up. You do get lots of ammo which is good as this is a game that if you stop shooting or moving for more than 5 seconds you will end up dead. Included in the release is a 48K and 128K version and a party edition, which includes some great music and a killer loading screen. Download this and you will not be disappointed.

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