Light Force


I remember seeing the screenshots of Light Force in Crash magazine and being totally blown away. This was a shoot em up with arcade graphics that I could play at home on my Speccy! In fact all the magazines raved about Light Force and indeed it was a delight to play, although not without its flaws.

The games is a vertical scroller with your odd-shaped spacecraft firing twin volleys of fire at a time. From above would come assorted space craft and enemies (including the ubiquitous funny shapes) as well as impervious asteroids and space stations which could be shot for bonuses. The much-vaunted graphics of Light Force were achieved by using character blocks instead of pixels, thus avoiding any colour clash. This meant nice graphics, but the game suffered a bit in the playability department for it. Your spacecraft’s fire could also not hit anything just in front of it which got quite frustrating at times. Overall Light Force is a fun shooter that was slightly overrated at the time when the majority of Speccy shooters were two-colour affairs.

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