International Cricket


This game was given away on the cover of Your Sinclair; in fact I’m not sure it ever got a commercial release before or after the YS edition, which is a shame because it’s a cracking if flawed iteration of the gentlemen’s game. With no option to change the players’ names, you take control of the England squad circa 1985, which is a bit of a memory jogger and brings up a few odd names as such luminaries as David Gower, Ian Botham and Mike Gatting rub shoulders with Jeff Thomas and Jack Richards.

After choosing your opponents and which type of match to play (a one dayer or test match) it’s off to the toss of the coin and onto the match itself. Now I say this game is flawed and it’s true it is, but one of its basic faults is one it could never solve, because it is the same of all cricket games: batting is fun, bowling and fielding is not! Having said that, International Cricket is an entertaining game. Batting is simple as there are only 5 shots you can play, including a defensive push. You have to wait for a particular type of ball and make sure you play the right shot otherwise you’ll miss the ball, or worse, get out. The CPU’s fielding is erratic as well, often if the ball passes one of its fielders, it won’t give chase, and once I managed to complete an all-run 7! Bowling is also simple; as the bowler runs up, you have to press the “j” key just as his arm his at the top of his action, which delivers a nice, straight delivery. This can be a bit tricky, but a bit of practice will soon see you bowling straight ball after straight ball and the computer blocking and blocking and blocking and blocking - do you see the problem here!?

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