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Hello fellow readers “will you follow me, one last time?” Thorin Oakenshield asked his loyal army. I ask the same of you as we take a look at the Spectrum 128k edition of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit. World of Spectrum have taken the original Speccy 48k version, took it apart, ported 55 of the best bitmap screens from the disk editions of the C64, DOS and BBC Micro and added new title and ending screens to bring us the enhanced 128k version of this classic text based adventure.

I remember loading this up when I was younger with great anticipation as I have always been a fan of this type of adventure game and also a big Tolkien fan. When you start playing you will see that the basics are still the same. You see the text explaining the room and to interact with the game you must type in the relevant command that the game understands. So if the text on screen says “you see a chest” if you were to type ‘Open Chest’ you will be given yet another description of what is in the chest that you can pick up. What is nice to see is the new screens added and they look so much better than the original 48k graphics picturing a basic scene. Another nice touch that World of Spectrum did was include the original version, so if you loaded this up on a 48k speccy then you would be treated to the original version by Melbourne House. The work gone into this is amazing and definitely worth a play.

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