East Enders


Well if ever a TV programme was ripe for a Spectrum translation, then sure East Enders was it? Well, no, actually, and I think I’d rather watch the maudlin harridan-laden soap on permanent loop with my eyes wired open like Alex DeLarge rather than play Macsen’s game again.

It’s that bad. East Enders was a multi-level type game that features various locations within Albert Square. So you get the Launderette, The Queen Vic and Arthur Fowler’s allotment (this being the mid-to-late Eighties). Each mini-game involves completing some utterly mundane task such as rocking the Michelle Fowler’s baby to sleep or snipping weeds in the aforementioned allotment. Each and every mini-game is terrible, the graphics look they’ve been knocked up in someone’s lunch hour and the publishers had the cheek to charge a penny short of a tenner for it! Best advert for piracy I’ve ever had the misfortune to play.

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