Which came first, Dandy or Gauntlet? Well, technically Dandy, although this iteration of the game by the Ram Jam Corporation and published by Electric Dreams bears more in common with the famous four player game than its own ancestor.

Ram Jam incorporated somewhat more plot into Dandy, however, and this elevated the game slightly above the rash of clones that appeared in the wake of Gauntlet’s release on the 8 bit micros. The game was colourful – although it used black sprites to avoid troubling the dreaded colour clash too much – and playable, with the same basic tenet as most Gauntlet style games – kill the enemies, destroy their nests to stop them re-spawning, and escape to the next level. Also like Gauntlet, Dandy could be played with another person, although its lack of complexity was already evident upon release with more involved games such as Druid already doing the rounds. Overall, competent blasting action.

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