Let’s be honest, any game based around the perennially popular pub “sport” of darts is never going to be complex. Veteran coders the Pickfords (aka Binary Design) did their best to tart up the concept, and to be fair, they did a pretty good job of it, despite a lack of variety.

180 presented a yellow and black dartboard with a nicely designed hand floating over it. Control over the hand was sharp resulting in a slight key-press sending it off in all sorts of directions. This was where 180 presented its challenge, and once mastered, the player could enter a knockout tournament where the remarkably consistent Jammy Jim always waited for you in the final. Ah, Jammy Jim. Did that bastard ever make a mistake? Very rarely, leaving the player with one valuable advantage: you went first! Nevertheless, 180 was great fun, if a little short-term. Different types of dart games would have added more variety.

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