Acid Drop

Acid Drop has the honour of being the very last game released for the Atari 2600. Having been released in 1992, this game came out 15 years after the original release of the console, which was known as the VCS back then. Acid Drop is a puzzle game that can best be compared to Sega’s arcade game Columns. In fact, the game is essentially a clone of that arcade game! At the start of the game you are given the option to select your starting level, anywhere between level 1 to level 30. Each level increases the speed of the game.


The goal is to take falling pieces with multicoloured parts and arranging them so that three (or more) pieces of the same colour match and disappear from the playing field. You can stack the similarly coloured blocks either horizontally or vertically. No diagonal stacking can be done, which is something different from what could be done on Columns. As the pieces fall, any mismatched pieces start accumulating until the entire field is full which ends the game. Keep an eye out for a special brick that will make several lines of bricks vanish from the playing field. This brick causes the “acid drop” that gives the game its title. Acid Drop is a very addicting game that will keep you attached to the 2600 for a long time. Beethoven’s Fur Elise plays through the game (so, this game is one of the few with in-game music) but the rendition of the piece isn’t the most beautiful (it even has some off-key notes).



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