Freeze 64 Magazine Review.

Its not often i’m blown away when I do reviews but today Freeze 64 came through the post, I opened the packaging to be blown away with the vibrant glossy cover, now I must admit I was expecting a fanzine type magazine here, I think you know the ones I mean, this however is a professional looking as any mag you could but from the news stands right now.

Reviewing a magazine like this which is currently on issue 16 is not as easy as reviewing a one off book, however I’ll assume someone who takes this much care on how one issue looks I think its safe to say the others will be of equal quality.

So whats the Mag cover?

This is issue 15 that I am reviewing but essentially these mags cover the world of the Commodore 64, from homebrew, game reviews, hacking guides and interviews with devs such as Nick Taylor, the programmer of such C64 titles as Bugs Bunny and my fav, Steg the Slug. Also an interview with Antonio Savona about his recent homebrew titles and much much more.

The layout and editing is superb with fantastic image placement on each and every page, all are very clear and the font used is very easy on the eyes when on a black background, (I mention that as I have suffered with fonts on black backgrounds before), the flow of the magazine works well to including an index and a foreword. Honestly I can not fault this, its a single mans efforts to bring you a high quality fanzine but its much more, it deserves to be called a magazine in its own right.

Best of all there is now a 40-page special issue with interviews from the likes of:

  • Andrew Braybrook (from issues 10 & 11), who programmed Alley Kat, Gribby’s Day Out, Paradroid, Uridium;
  • Jon Hare (from issue 7), who designed and produced Wizball, SEUCK and Parallax;
  • Gregg Barnett (from issue 12), the man behind Way of the Exploding Fist, Rock & Wrestle, and Horace Goes Skiing;
  • David Darling (from issue 9), the programmer behind BMX Simulator, Chiller and The Last V8;
  • Paul Clansey (from issue 14), and the making of his arcade hit, Cosmic Cruiser.

So to sum up, for £3.99 this is a no brainer purchase for anyone into the C64, for other retro fans I’d say take a look, you might get converted to the world of C64 gaming.

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Retro head and key holder of RVG.


Retro head and key holder of RVG.