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Best Spectrum Chiptunes.
« on: February 01, 2015, 16:52:35 PM »
Ok here is a new topic that will be an ongoing feature for each individual system so we can be more specific with the tunes we love on each system..

So here is the Spectrum thread, this computer could do some awesome tunes for a limited system.
The below is taken from

Normally Z80 has only one channel of square-wave 1-bit sound. But Z80 is also ZX SPECTRUM's Central Processing Unit (CPU) so due to its 3,5Mhz activity (software mixing) Spectrum 48Kb has finally:

    from 2 to 9 channels,
    various modulations and envelopes,
    drums & noises,
    digital sound,
    speech synthesis,
    volume (it's impossible to make various volumes in 1-bit sound actually so even this is impressive)

There are various changes that went on with newer variations of the computer, i will update this as we go but for now i am covering the 48K version but feel free to add and discuss the other versions on the spectrum adding the chip details and so on please.

So anyway i will post a few of my favs here and i hope you'll post a few of yours.. and discuss..

Ben Daglish - Heroes of the Lance, listen and you will see why.


Michael Batty - Full Throttle 2, kind of psychedelic music...


So whats yours?
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