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Title: New Vectrex Homebrew - Sub Wars
Post by: TrekMD on September 27, 2015, 21:36:27 PM

[size=120]Sub Wars
For Vectrex
By Mountain Goat Entertainment

Sub Wars is a two player game where both players command a submarine. Their goal is to sink the other sub. The captains can use torpedoes, mines and can even ram the other submarine to cause damage to it. The captains have to maneuver over energy point on the sea floor to keep the subs in fighting shape.

Captains have to watch both the submarine energy and its hull integrity. There is an indicator for each sub: Vertical bars represent hull integrity, once the hull is damaged there is no way to fix it. Torpedoes cause the most damage while a collision causes the least.

Energy can be refilled by picking up the energy points from the sea floor. Captains can ram the other sub. They must be careful as collisions between subs cause the same amount of damage to both subs. The collisions only occur at the bows of the boats, running into other parts of the boat has no effect.

Joystick left/right for turning the submarine.
Button 1 for thrust.
Button 2 for launching torpedoes.
Button 3 for laying mines.
Button 4 for launching countermeasures.[/size]

[size=180]Download Binary Here[/size] (http://http)
[size=180]Download Manual Here[/size] (http://http)[/align:2ew7yhdy]