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Title: Kristof Tuts Interview
Post by: TrekMD on February 27, 2015, 03:59:48 AM

An interview with Kristof Tuts has been posted by the folks at I Am Retro.  Below is the intro to that interview and below that is a link to the full interview.  Well worth the read!  There's also a video on that site with some cool news...


Kristof Tuts is a very talented programmer, very active in Vectrex scene who developed two real jewel gems in Vectrex crown, Vectrexians and Vector Pilot.

I don’t think that you want further explanations and infos about these titles or for Kristof Tuts himself.

I know Kristof quite a while since 1999 or 2000, can’t remember exactly… when I set my site online. It was about Exerion arcade game. My thought was to collect every possible piece of info I could gather, to help MAME devs to buid a solid and proper driver for it. My quest all over the web and newsgroups, led me to find Kristof’s Vectorion screenshots, his unfinished Exerion’s port for Vectrex. I did contact him immediately and this was the beginning of our friendship !

I am also a great Vectrex fan ! Yes, I admit it ! I adore this cute and unique black box with laser graphics screen ! This cherished Vectrex passion was our strong common point so we established a good communication since then. My decision to take Kristof an interview came as a consequence which he gladly accepted !

You can pay a visit to his web site @  ( ) and if you are a lucky owner of the mighty Vectrex don’t forget to order your own Vectrexians and Vector Pilot copies !

I would also like to thank all my good friends – dR_wHO – nicked – nkary, here in for all their help, patience and hospitality !

Enough with talking !…I hope you will enjoy reading our little chat as much as we did :-) ….

Read the full interview here:  Kristof Tuts Interview (http://http)
Title: Re: Kristof Tuts Interview
Post by: Lorfarius on February 27, 2015, 11:24:48 AM
Good interview, always great to read something from Europe always forget there was a huge gaming scene over there.
Title: Re: Kristof Tuts Interview
Post by: zapiy on February 27, 2015, 14:13:19 PM
Fantastic read, thanks Trek for sharing..
Title: Re: Kristof Tuts Interview
Post by: ArcadeAction on March 14, 2015, 16:03:29 PM
This is awesome. I just noticed this post. Thanks TrekMD!

Kristof is really a nice guy and very talented. He has even emailed with me a few times.

I think his Vector Pilot is as good as any classic arcade game. If it had been released in arcades back then it surely would have been a huge commercial success. I like Time Pilot, but I even like Vector Pilot more.

Vector graphics really are special.

I'm really looking forward to Vector Patrol. I think the Moon Patrol cabinet graphics and marquee art are some of the nicest looking on any arcade game. Here's a little photo of my Kristof collection so far.
Title: Re: Kristof Tuts Interview
Post by: TrekMD on March 14, 2015, 16:39:29 PM
Glad you enjoyed it.  Yes, he does fantastic work and Vector Patrol will be another hit!
Title: Re: Kristof Tuts Interview
Post by: zapiy on March 14, 2015, 16:54:18 PM
Really gobsmackingly awesome games this guy has created.