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Title: Bucket - New Super Nintendo Homebrew!
Post by: TL on March 12, 2014, 20:13:20 PM


[size=140]This new homebrew game for the Super Nintendo is based on the internet meme about a walrus who had a bucket that was ultimately taken from him. The walrus then lamented the loss of his bucket. [/size]


[size=140]You control Hugz the polar bear, who must deliver buckets to the angry walruses roaming about. Pick up buckets with the A button and place them on the ground with the B button, so that walruses walk into them. But be careful - if you get hit by a walrus, you have to start over! Once a walrus reaches a bucket, it becomes pacified and disappears. [/size]


[size=140]The game can be downloaded in several form from the website of the programmer Sebastian Mihai. He has also supplied full source code for other budding coders to take a look at! Sebastian Mihai has programmed games for just about every console under the sun and you can see his other projects HERE. (http://http)[/size]

[size=240]DOWNLOAD HERE! (http://http)[/size]