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Alien Brigade – By Atari


  Wetrix+ – By Xicat Interactive/Take 2 Interactive

Wetrix+ is a 3D water-based puzzle game for the Dreamcast. The game was originally published as Wetrix for the N64 and the GBC but it was enhanced when released for the Dreamcast, earning it the “+” sign with the name. The original game was developed by Ste and John Pickford as a water demo that evolved into this game. The game is played on a single floating square Landscape. Random pieces will appear over the Landscape and the player must then drop the pieces in a way that creates dams and walls to trap the rain and water pieces that fall at intervals. Any water that is not trapped within the walls will fall off the landscape and be collected inside a Drain that appears on the right side of the screen. The game is over when the Drain fills up with water. You can slow down the process of water filling the drain by using Fireball Pieces that fall as these will evaporate any water on the Landscape. Your overall goal is to last as long as possible to get the most points. Of course, strategy is involved and using the falling pieces properly is key. The pieces come in various types such as Uppers (these raise the area of land they fall on), Downers (these lower walls), Bombs, Fireballs, Water Bubbles, and Ice Cubes. There are also Events that happen that make things more interesting. Wetrix+ offers a classic game mode along with timed and handicap challenges and even a Pro mode. Wetrix+ has some really cool graphics with pretty amazing water animation. Game sounds and music are excellent also. This is definitely a game to have in your library for the Dreamcast.

Review by TrekMD



 Zombie Revenge – By Sega

A port of the self-proclaimed (on the back of the box) “arcade hit,” Zombie Revenge may have turned about as many heads on the Dreamcast as it did in the arcades. Since I don’t remember seeing a crowd of people massing around Zombie Revenge cabinets, the term “arcade hit” may be something of an exaggeration. It’s essentially a 3D beat-‘em-up game where your primary opposition is the undead first and the clock second. You and a friend choose from up to three different characters, each with his or her own unique attacks and combos, and advance through streets and sewers to stop the zombie infestation. You’ve got to eliminate anything that creeps or shambles and do it quickly, but as the timer ticks down and your virus gauge begins to fill, the anxiety sets in as you rush to beat the clock. I like that the game is always pushing the pace, but your normal attacks aren’t always sufficient to cut through hordes of zombies. This is where the special weapons come into play. As you progress through the levels, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up shotguns and machineguns to increase your firepower. But the auto-targeting system leaves a lot to be desired, and even though you’ve equipped a superior weapon, delivering the payload to the intended target is sometimes another issue entirely. Many scenes are reminiscent of The House of the Dead series, and if you’re a fan of monster B-movies, you’ll appreciate the flat voice acting and poorly written dialogue. (Yet, somehow, these qualities are more charming in The House of the Dead.) Overall, Zombie Revenge is a serviceable but not perfect beat-‘em-up. Co-op is fun and the framerate and gameplay are consistent, but the constant recycling of the same enemies will try your patience eventually.

Review by wyldephang


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