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 Zerosphere Amiga Code Red

Up until now all my reviews have been for the humble Spectrum. So it made a nice change to be given the opportunity to write about a new homebrew Amiga game. Zerosphere is a whacky game created by Code Red that brings an interesting twist on the traditional platform game. You take control of Squinty, a cute, orange character that is having a bad day as his universe is under threat from the evil Odak. You might be thinking so far it sounds like your regular platformer, but you would be mistaken. The world is being distorted, looking like a bad reflection and the only way that Squinty can navigate is by squinting which brings all into focus.

The aim of each level is to collect a certain amount of gems to unlock the exit, much like Rockford does in Boulder Dash. In order for our hero to find the gems he has a very limited amount of squinting available. This is shown as a bar at the top left of the screen and this special ability is activated by holding the fire button down. Then as if by magic the world becomes normal. The idea might be simple but let me assure you it is very addictive and so whacky that you will keep coming back for more. This is just a preview build with the full game out later in the year but If you love platform games then you will want to give this a try..

Review by acoolgeek77



 Z-Out - By Rainbow Arts

The sequel to X-Out is quite a different type of game to its predecessor. Gone are the shops and different types of spaceship and it can now be played by two players as well. The game feels a lot like the classic R-Type, especially when you collect the add-ons and power-ups including, in one player mode, a R-Type like drone. The levels are quite varied with lots of different types of enemies, including a HR Giger inspired one. There is the familiar horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up stuff here like power-ups, learning the enemies attack patterns and end of level guardians etc. Graphics and sound are both top-notch with a very special 16-bit feel to them. I suppose it could be said that this game lacks originality, but never the less, the gameplay elements are very well implemented here.

Review by Katzkatz


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