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 Magic Pockets By Renegade / Bitmap Brothers

In Magic pockets you are controlling a rather thuggish looking little guy around a platform based world. The animals, which are intent on stopping your quest, are varied but ultimately not too difficult to kill. Taking objects from your pockets and throwing them at your many foes is the weapon for the game. Most of the beasties I encountered were dispatched with one or two hits, and holding down the fire button increases the potency of your weapon with the most potent being a kind of whirlwind you use to suck up enemy creatures and turn them into collectable power ups. Jumping and walking are the two ways of making progress as with most platformers, this one though makes walking more of a plod. Jumping onto platforms takes a little judgement, but isn't too taxing some higher levels require more than a jump though and you will need to get some gum and blow a bubble to lift you up there. Reach some of the later levels though and other modes of transport can be used albeit fleetingly in my case. In the caves level you can pick up a bike and ride through the level running down all the baddies. The game is a little slow, but has some very imaginative touches that make it quite a fun game to play. The levels are nicely weighted to get more difficult as you move along, and there's always a new surprise little quirk around the next corner. Graphics are pretty good and with the title music by Betty Boo (Doing the Do) the sound also gets a "pretty good" rating from me.

Review by Doug Titchmarsh


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