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 Harlequin - By Gremlin Graphics

This is an offbeat platform game from Gremlin Graphics, in fact surreal would be a good word to describe it, but that wouldn't do it justice. You start off as a harlequin at the bottom of a clock tower, which has stopped working. Your task is to get it back working again. The usual platform stuff is in the game but with a lot more puzzles as well. This can cause a bit of head scratching as the size of the task is immense meaning that it can be a bit daunting. The game has some nice touches as well like the way the character can use special abilities like an umbrella to slow a fall or transform into a fish for the underwater sections. If there is a strategic puzzle then a light bulb will appear and advertising hoardings would show the later stages, the stage with the piano would have you play different notes when you jumped on it etc. There is no doubting that the difficulty level was set high here, but the game stands out from a lot of other platform games of the time with its own take on things. One of the best platformers to come out for the Amiga in my eyes.

Review by Katzkatz



 International Karate Plus - By System 3

IK+ is a Karate game for the Amiga. You play in a series of tournaments featuring two other combatants, you score by hitting the opponents with punches and kicks. With two other fighters to watch for you have to keep out of the way of one while fighting the other, both together can be a bit tough to tackle. The difficulty ramps up as the other fighters improve their skills against you with each round. To stay in you need to beat at least one of the other two fighters by scoring more points. The referee gives you the results and a little comment at the end of each round, win a round overall, and you get a bonus round where you have to deflect or avoid balls using a shield or kick bombs off the screen among other skill challenges. You lose the round however and that is game over. With a nice Karate themed backdrop and fairly detailed players (which are colour coded), the visuals are adequate, and sound is average considering how good the Amiga sound can be. The control system is pretty poor with limited moves to be had, and makes the fighting difficult though. A bit of knockabout fun for a while but gets a bit repetitive pretty quickly.

Review by Doug Titchmarsh


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