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  Star Wars: Rebel Assault - By LucasArts

In Rebel Assault you play the role of Rookie One in order to complete a series of missions from various events within the Star Wars franchise. Your first mission will be one of Training, divided into four phases. Youíll use a T16 Skyhopper in order to practice certain skills that you will need later in the game. The next mission, Operation Star Destroyer, has you flying an X-wing fighter in order to ambush a Star Destroyer. Here you must destroy the shield generators as well has plenty of Star Destroyers. From here you go into Tatooine where you will face AT-STís through canyons to then fly into an asteroid field and chase TIE fighters. The next mission takes you to Hoth where you will first face AT-ATís and then a horde of stormtroopers who have invaded the Rebel base. Other missions include protecting a Rebel transport, facing a Super Star Destroyer, and, lastly, a Death Star itself. All of this looks great, doesnít it? Well, donít let that fool you. Rebel Assault is a great game concept but the execution leaves much to be desired. The graphics involve a lot of digital video that is extremely pixelated and that sometimes even looks odd (i.e., a static face with moving lips). Scenes on planets look awful but space battles look better. Maybe thatís because most of the background is just black. Control can also be a pain as you have limited range of motion and controller response can be slow. Game sounds and music are fine but thatís not enough to keep you attracted to this game. Sadly, time has not been gentle to Rebel Assault.

Review by TrekMD


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