Intellivision Star Wars

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  Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - By Parker Brothers

After the Rebel Forces managed to destroy the Death Star, the Empireís ultimate weapon, it became clear that the Rebel threat had to be eliminated. The Imperial Fleet has been pursuing the Rebels and driving them out of their secret bases but the Rebels have managed to find a place to reorganize themselves. This place is the ice planet of Hoth and it is here the Rebel Forces, led by Luke Skywalker, continue their plans to free the galaxy. Thatís until an Imperial probe pays them a visit and reports its findings to Darth Vaderís own Super Star Destroyer. Now the Empire has landed on Hoth and hordes of AT-ATís have been sent to destroy the generator for the shield protecting Hoth. You get into your Snowspeeder and get ready to engage the enemy. Can you stop the AT-AT attack? Parker Brothers managed create a very unique game based on this segment of The Empire Strikes Back. The game was first released to the Atari 2600 and later to the Intellivision. The Intellivision game has graphics that are a bit more detailed than on the 2600 with mountains that look more like mountains, less pixelated AT-ATís, and a smoother ground. The Snowspeeder is also a bit more defined. There is a title screen that plays the Star Wars music and other game sounds are enhanced compared to the 2600 version. Though the game has all the same gameplay elements (except you only need to hit the AT-ATís 30 times) as the 2600 version, this game does not play as smoothly. The animation is choppy and the control doesnít work as well, which is unfortunate because it makes the game less enjoyable. The Intellivision deserved better!

Review by TrekMD


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