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Sinclair Spectrum


 Zombo - Created by Henry Flint and Al Ewing

I am going to be honest and say that I like all things related to Zombies. Weather it is reading a comic book or watching a movie or TV show, it is a genre that I find extremely fun. So to be able to review a Speccy homebrew game with an interesting zombie plot naturally I was intrigued and excited. So I loaded up Zombo without delay to see if it lived up to my expectation. When Flight 303 crash lands on a dangerous world called Chronos, all surviving passengers are in extreme peril and their only hope is a well-mannered man / zombie hybrid called Zombo, who was created thanks to a top secret government experiment. Zombo’s must rescue 6 Survivors from the crash and then defeat an end of game boss to complete his mission. Luckily for him there are a few useful items that are scattered around the island that can be used including a gun. There might only be around 10 minutes of gameplay, but the game is so addictive that it seems to pass in a blink of an eye. As with most 8-bit games there is some strategy required to avoid certain obstacles like a whirlwind that seem to follow you and can anticipate your movement. Another cool feature was the random transportation that happens; you don’t know where you end up or what is waiting for you when you arrive. Zombo is a great game with a zombie theme that you will want to play.

Review by acoolgeek77



 Zynaps – By Hewson

I was a shooter fan back in the 80’s; I played plenty of other genres too, of course, but gimme a good blaster any day and I was happy. And in 1987, Hewson were quickly becoming my favourite software house; they’d already released quality run and gunner Exolon and the fantastic “it couldn’t be done” Uridium and would soon be unleashing the fighting machine, Cybernoid; in the meantime I had the horizontally scrolling R-Type-esque Zynaps. Programmed by the Graftgold team (who also did Uridium), Zynaps was an attractive if tough shooter. Your odd little craft faced a horde of enemies many with devious attack patterns and losing a life also meant the loss of some of those nice power-ups you’d been hoarding up. Nevertheless, Zynaps is an attractive and playable shooter that ate up a considerable amount of my time as a youngster. The only thing that let it down was a touch of repetitiveness and some rather sappy sound effects.

Review by jdanddiet


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