Guns N Ghosts

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Guns 'N' Ghosts

by Psytronik


Commodore 64

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Tape/Disk/Digital Version:

Cartridge Version:

This new C64 homebrew game gets a release by those clever people from Psytronik Software on tape, disk and as a digital download. Or if you prefer to have a swanky cartridge release you can order it from those nice folk at RGCD.

With a name like “Guns 'n' Ghosts” - you might have thought that this was part of the “Ghosts 'n' Goblins” series of games – well that isn't the case. However, there is a strong influence taken from them. Another influence on this game is Bubble Bobble and also the later sequel Parasol Stars. Indeed, a good description of this game would be Bubble Bobble mixed with Ghosts 'n' Goblin” and a little bit of Ghostbusters thrown in for good measure.

There has been an outbreak of supernatural activity down at the local graveyard. Taking control of either Trev or Georg (incidentally named after the game's developers – Trevor “Smila” Storey and Georg “Endurion” Rottensteiner), a team of paranormal investigators, your task is to found out what has been going on down there. The arcade based action takes place over 72 levels. There are numerous unearthly enemies to tackle and every so often an end of level bad guy as well. Each character has a specific attack, for example, Georg has a shotgun. This is good for its long range, but the downside is that it you're limited to two shotgun shells (to start with any way) and it takes a while to reload, which you have to do whilst standing still. Not easy when there is stuff running about on the screen. The other character, Trev, has a psychic attack. This has a short range, but has no need to reload, or in this particular case recharge. To aid you in your quest there are a few power-ups. The most useful of these are the yellow/purple bullet, which can increase Georg's shotgun shells to a maximum of eight, and the red/psychic wave, which is used to increase the range of Trev's psychic attack, again with a maximum of eight top-ups.

Uniquely, the game has several different modes of play. It can be played in single player mode with you deciding on which character to use. There is also a “Brothers” mode utilising both characters, and that is probably the most fun way to play the game. The “Co-operative” mode requires a different style of play again, you have both Trev and George available but Trev has to catch the enemies so that Georg can kill them, this is very difficult but ultimately rewarding. There are finally two modes of play that are variations on the “Brothers mode” but allow you to play with either two Georgs or two Trevs.

The graphics have a nice spectral flair to them while the sound effects and music have a nice spooky theme as well. Because of its similar gameplay to Bubble Bobble the game has an addictive quality. It is tough though and I would definitely recommend having another player available if you want to progress. Overall this is a lovely addition to the C64's homebrew scene and Guns 'n' Ghosts should be on your gaming playlist right now!

Rating: 8/10

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