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AD Adapter (GBA To SNES Adapter)



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Antony Vidler

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Gameboy Advance to Super Nintendo Adapter

Device Overview

The AD Adapter by Game Joy is a device designed to allow gamers to play their Gameboy Advance cartridges on the big screen via the Super Nintendo.

The device itself resembles a SNES cartridge in design and is nicely packaged and presented in a suitably retro styled box. For a reasonable price you get the cartridge and a cable which is used to connect the device to the TV, but more on that shortly. There are however no instructions and the box is written pretty much completely in Japanese.

How it works

The device is connected by setting up your SNES as normal, but instead of using the SNES AV cable you simply need the power. The cable you got with the converter has to be plugged into the side of the cart and then connected to the TV directly via RCA Video in. This set-up is a bit confusing because it means the SNES doesn't really play much of a role in the whole process, but overall it seems to work.

Upon testing this device I was initially unable to get it to work on my older CRT TV which is bizarre because my SNES works perfectly on it. The picture simply came out as black and white. I was concerned to begin with but once I connected the device to my LED 42 TV it worked perfectly fine.

Regardless of a few minor nitpicks it is very nice to have your Gameboy Advance games showing pretty much perfectly on your big TV. Aside from the expected picture quality issues that come as par for the course when playing older systems on a 1080p 42 LED LG TV it all looks about as good as it possibly could. Obviously it would look better if I could have played it on my old school Sony Trinitron which would match the ratio and would show the SNES as it was meant to be seen back in the early 90s but this is a minor complaint.

I was also slightly hopeful that, as the Gameboy Advance can play all older Gameboy Colour and Gameboy original cartridges, that the adapter might also support those games but unfortunately it literally only handles the Advance games. So all in all for a 3rd party after market adapter it does its job very well, its a nicely presented device which, although somewhat strangely put together, is a nice addition to any gamers collection. It looks the part, works well with Gameboy Advance games and the picture is about as good as it could possibly be for 27.99 it is good value for money.

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Rating: 8/10

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