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Defenders Of Oasis

by Sega


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DoO is a RPG set in a fantasy land where the player as 'The Prince' (he never gets a name) must defend his land against the awoken wizard of evil Ahriman. To do this he must gather 3 ancient rings of power with help of his own Genie and a couple of friends he makes upon the way then set about banishing the evil wizard once more. Thatís pretty much it for the plot and I'd say here be spoilers in the review, but there are no twists to spoil!

Game wise it doesnít have any major flaws at such, it just feels like it could be offering more. There are a lot of repeated monster sprites in that the same models are used over and over but re-coloured and renamed. Their attacks also donít vary much in that aside from a standard attack you might get poisoned, slashed (hard attack) or at worst insta-killed (one for the kangaroo court immediately!). Itís basically a routine of getting the 2 hardest characters to attack and the other 2 to support. One thing that is worth pointing out is that the random attacks are at times very very common, at worst you can exit a battle and accidentally nudge the d-pad - theres an immediate chance of been thrown back into a fight. I know RPGs (particularly the character on screen only ones) are made of random attacks but they do seem a little too closely timed together.

There are some nice touches along the way such as when the Prince is refused booze (pictured) but unfortunately these are rather few and far between. A little more humour or dialogue from the NPC's wouldnít have gone amiss. One of the more interesting aspects of the game is gathering spells and power for the Genie, he doesnít level like your other characters but instead you buy new metals and jewels for his lamp. Spells are learnt from ancient text on the walls which are there to be discovered and its possible to finish the game without finding them all.

Graphically I'm a little short of a benchmark here as its my first GG game for a long time and indeed game of this era on a handheld, so I'll stick to what I saw which is nicely drawn locations and characters. Colourful and imaginative there are some nice effects such as glowing walls and the water is interesting as it appears to flow in whichever direction you are walking! There are several semi-animated cut scenes along the way interspersed with various little scenes that the characters act out for you. It certainly tries hard and succeeds I think at spinning an interesting yarn. So what else? Musically there are some quite catchy tunes been spun as you wander, with different tunes being offered for different locations and even more than 1 type of battle music. Unfortunately 2 or 3 of the tracks are used quite often and can get a little repetitive.

Some technical details I am fond of is that the game uses an auto-save feature so whenever the GG is powered off (or as you enter a battle) it saves, there are three slots and you can move/copy/delete your games at will. Some praise must be heaped upon this as on my original cartridge I found my first save game, last played in the mid 90s. DoO is an enjoyable little game although its all pretty standard stuff for RPGs and although the game looks pretty enough, doesn't have any annoying flaws and is generally quite pleasant to play, its not quite an essential GG title for most I'd say but is worth getting if your a fan of RPGs or want one for your GG.

Rating: 7/10

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