Diary Of An 80s Computer Geek

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Diary Of An 80s Computer Geek

By Steven Howlett

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Reviewed by Zapiy

Diary Of An 80s Computer Geek

A retro book for less than the price of a pint of beer? Yes, please, and what a wonderful book it is. Now I must confess, before I go any further, to not being a huge fan of digital print and this review is based on a Kindle version of the book. If, however, you want a physical copy of the book that is now available.

Growing up during the 80's myself, I was exposed to and learned some basic programming on many computer systems from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras like the Speccy, the C64, the Amiga, and the Atari ST so reading the book throws me back to that wonderful time. It feels like youíre reading a book about your own memories and, I suspect, many of us did similar things during the 80's. The book is a real walk down memory lane.

"This book is intended as celebration and reflection of all the computer technology that made the 80s such a wonderful, pioneering period and follows the journey of a self confessed, teenaged computer geek who experienced and enjoyed every ground breaking moment, including publishing his own software." - Steven Howlett

Overall, if I had one gripe, itís the lack of images throughout the book. This can be forgiven, though, as this book is more about reminiscing about old times.

For those interested you can purchase the book at Amazon.

Rating: 7/10

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