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Classic Kong

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After over 100 hours of amazing work developer Shiru gives us a Classic Kong experience via Bubble Zap Games for the Super Nintendo. Since time immemorial Kong has been fighting his trademark image. Universal, Inc. had to prove to RKO, Inc. that he was public domain. Nintendo had to remind Universal that he was still in that not-a-corporate-whipping-boy status. In honor of that long tradition of giant guerrilla ambiguity don't call this Donkey Kong: call it an homage to barrel jumping games of yore. Nothing about this game will convince you it's not genuinely classic “D” Kong action though.

Three unique screens of action await those who crave non-infringing damsel rescuing. The hauntingly familiar plumbing protagonist looks a little flat hatted but moves with primate-like agility. It's really too bad I don't, though. It's been so long since I had a girder beam constitutional that I've only managed to trounce the first three stages. Strangely, although the barrels did catch fire on stages 1 and 4, very few seemed to cause serious concern. Coin carrying connoisseurs will no doubt feel the “zone” kick in and light up the night like a flammable container though. Purists will note the lack of a “Pie Factory” stage whilst most players will wonder what was in the pie those purist ate. My youth was wasted on Atari and Coleco versions with a paltry 2 levels so nothing seemed lacking.

According to posts on NESDEV the C programming language was used to craft this game. Traditionally SNES development has been sparse and assembly only. Along with Zooming Secretary for the NES this is yet another example of higher level languages becoming mature enough for commercial quality results. As well, the sprite and tile work really impresses here. Merging original Arcade styling with luscious SNES colour gradients it's exactly what Shigeru Miyamoto would have done. Music and sound seem appropriate but sometimes overly MIDI-like. This is no fault of Shiru as SNES games have always ambulated between synth sounding tones and realistic but static samples. Gameplay is smooth even on my slothful at times Dingoo handheld. Save states do not break the game but this was not tested on hardware such as the NakiTek Game Saver+. Fire up your emulator or PowerPak and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Or, at least the same amount of fun they have at throwing barrels towards me!

Rating: 9/10

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