Classic Home Video Games

Book Review

Classic Home Video Games

By: Brett Weiss

Reviewed by Zapiy

I've been reading the Classic Home Video Games series of books for the past six months, they are essentially reference guides, covering a huge range of systems and games.

The books contain descriptions & images of hundreds of games, divided into three books dependent on the "gaming era" in which they were released. The books are then set in chronological order making it easier to search. The amount of information in each book is informative and well presented, in fact there were many surprises in each book that added another dimension for me in particular.. I thought i was well versed in the Retro/Classic genre but the book proved me wrong.

Each console gets its own chapter with a brief history page or two, then you are presented with the reviews of the games released for that system including homebrews (which i am particularly interested in). Each review includes the publisher, the year it was published, No of players and the genre the game fits into.
Each review is a brief overview of the game, my only criticism is the lack of images, would be nice to see what the games look like. I am sure this would have added much more to the books but this would have increased the size of each book and therefore production costs, having said all that i enjoyed hunting for more info including images and videos of the games i liked the sound of.

Overall this books are a must for the avid retro fans out there, yes they are more about referencing than telling a story about classic gaming but they are well written and thoroughly enjoyable to read and flick through.

The Paperback versions of the books retail on for around 21 mark or $35 for our American friends. I was fortunate to receive some some review copies of the books, that's good value for a book of the depth and quality. Would i buy them, yes is the simple answer, these are the perfect gift for fans of the genre and in my opinion a must for retro addicts.

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