Battle Chess 4000.

A lot of people know about the original Battle Chess, but not as many know that it actually got two sequels. One was based off of Chinese Chess, while the other was a traditional chess game with a new theme. Unlike the original game, which had two medieval armies in a war in each other, here your pieces are science fiction clichés, like spear-wielding aliens.

If you’ve played any kind of chess game, there’s nothing that really changes the game up, and there are not really any new features from the original Battle Chess. The AI puts up a good challenge on the higher levels of difficulty, though, even if it takes a while before it’ll actually make a move. This is a game you play less for the actual chess gameplay, and more watching the pieces fight, and you’ve got a lot of funny animations for when it happens. Some of these include the knight grabbing the pawn by the snout and blasting it, while the rook distracts another piece by playing Rambo on its screen. Once you see all of the animations, though, the game starts to lose its shine. If you enjoy chess, you’ll probably enjoy this, and if you don’t, you probably won’t. That’s all there is to say, really.

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